Welcome Hendrix Parents!

We are thrilled that your student has chosen Hendrix for his/her college experience. Hendrix is a special place focusing on experiential learning, community and student involvement. Orientation is a time for your son or daughter to meet new people, learn the Hendrix culture and services offered and get comfortable with the campus before classes begin. 

We understand that you also need some information to help your student become an engaged member of the Hendrix community. We know you received a lot of information in the college selection process, but we hope that we can make that information “real” for you now that your student is a Hendrix Warrior!  

During our two-day parent orientation program (August 19-20), we hope to welcome you to our campus and inform you about academic programs, Odyssey, student services, transitions and more. We want to arm you with information so you can help refer your student to the appropriate campus resources.  

As parents, you are critical partners with us in the success of your student. While it’s up to your student to do the work, we know that they need your support and sometimes your encouragement to pursue campus opportunities. Our Parent Relations office will help keep you apprised of important campus information, services and special events.  

We look forward to seeing you on August 19! 

Jim Wiltgen
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Christa Davis Director of Parent Engagement