Mission Trips

Serving and learning form the dual mission of a Miller Center trip.  Students work on projects that benefit communities suffering material or social disadvantages; building relationships with those they serve, students learn about the world's needs and gain vocational self-understanding.  Through guided discussions and journal writing, students explore their values and social concerns, beliefs and commitments, gifts and limitations.  Service teams may be hosted by churches or other faith communities; however all activities are led in ways appropriate for individuals from any faith or non-religious perspective.  


Student costs listed for each trip include lodging, food, transportation, and cultural outings. The costs also include any construction fees to the service agency. Students will also be asked to pay for passport fees, visas, vaccinations and meals in the airport. Personal spending money will also be needed.


A copy of an updated passport is required at the time of application for trips outside the US. Applications without passport copy attached will not be considered, and the passport must be valid six months beyond travel dates. 

If you are abroad or on leave in the fall semester, you will not be able to apply for the January trip. If you are abroad or on leave in the spring semester, you will be unable to apply for the spring and summer trips. 

You must be a degree-seeking student at Hendrix to apply.


Come by the Miller Center for a hard copy, or e-mail keahey@hendrix.edu for an electronic copy.


August 1                                        Applications available  

September 16                                Applications due by 3:30 pm

September 29 - October 13             Interviews 

October 15                                    Notification of acceptance 

October 22                                    Trip deposits due 

November 23                                 Guatemala Trip Orientation 

March 8                                        New Orleans & Delta Orientation

April 26                                         Pine Ridge Orientation

2015 Trips


Guatemala: January 10-18, 2015 

Spend the end of your Winter Break on a mission trip to the beautiful western highlands of Guatemala.  You will be working in Quetzaltenango, one of the major cities of Guatemala, and known as the capital of the western Mayan highlands.  The work will be with a small Methodist church that has many simple construction needs.  The community is friendly and will provide a warm welcome and many opportunities to be a part of Mayan culture and life.  You will also be able to see the beautiful Lake Atitlan and the ancient Spanish colonial city of Antigua. 

Passport required!    

Cost:  $300 per student 

New Orleans, Louisiana: March 21-27, 2015 

In the aftermath of 2005 hurricanes, the nation viewed the great socio-economic and racial divides of the great city of New Orleans.  Students will spend the week in service with the New Orleans Rebirth Volunteer Program that "allows volunteers from across the country and beyond to stand in solidarity with the people of the Gulf Coast for a just and equitable recovery."  The Rebirth program began out of the Center of Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal with the First Unitarian Universalist church of New Orleans.  Time will be spent working with the rebuilding effort of New Orleans through home repair and planting school gardens.  Opportunities will also be available to take a tour of the flood-impacted areas of New Orleans and dialogue with local people about the recovery process.  The end of the week will include an evening free to explore historic places in the city.  


Cost: $100 per student 



Arkansas Delta: March 21-27, 2015

The Arkansas Delta, stretching down the eastern border of the state along the winding Mississippi River, is a land of vital farmlands and rich cultural history.  Yet, many counties of the Arkansas Delta are among the poorest in the United States.  Students on this trip will be working in Dumas and the surrounding area.  Our service projects will be with organizations working to abate hunger, improve the lives of youth and children at risk, and work towards economic development and revitalization of the area.  Along the way, you can expect to enjoy small town Southern hospitality.  This trip may be of special interest to any students who are a part of or are considering joining the N-STEAD (Noyce STEM Teacher Education in the Arkansas Delta) program at Hendrix.   


 Cost: $50 per student 


Pine Ridge Reservation: May 16-23, 2015

Although Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota resides in one of the economically poorest countries of our nation, a rich history and culture of the Oglala Lakota people continues to thrive.  Mission trip participants will spend a week of service through the local organization, RE-MEMBER, which "seeks to improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services by developing a growing circle of advocates standing in solidarity with the Indian people of the Oglala Lakota nation."  The group will provide construction work by building bunk beds and wheelchair ramps, repairing homes, and assisting the elderly and disabled.  Another important part of the week will be in building relationships with the Lakota people by engaging in the local customs and culture.  The team will attend nightly reflections with the community, hear stories at the Cemetery of Wounded Knee, participate in Lakota singing, dancing, and craft-making, and make a trip into the badlands.

Because this trip leaves the morning of Commencement, graduating seniors will not be able to apply.  


  Cost: $150 per student





Past Mission Trips  

  • Chincha, Peru  Summer 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2008 
  • Kansas City, Missouri     Spring Break 2002
  • Boston, Massachusetts   Spring Break 2003 & 2006       
  • Arlington, Texas   Spring Break 2003 
  • Tarpum Bay, Bahamas   Summer 2003, 2004, Spring Break 2008 & Summer 2012       
  • Taize, France    Summer 2003, 2005, 2009 & 2013      
  • Chicago, Illinois    Spring Break 2004 & 2012       
  • Shiprock/Santa Fe, New Mexico   Spring Break 2004 & 2009      
  • Quesada, Costa Rica    Summer 2004 & Winter Break 2006  
  • Ekaterinburg, Russia  Winter Break 2005 
  • San Diego, CA/Tijuana, Mexico   Spring Break 2005 & 2010   
  • San Francisco, California   Spring Break 2006, Winter Break 2009 & 2013 
  • La Paz, Bolivia    Summer 2006 & 2010
  • New York, New York   Spring Break 2007
  • Koinonia Farms, Georgia   Summer 2007
  • Bagamoyo, Tanzania   Summer 2007  
  • Pascagoula, Mississippi   Spring Break 2008
  • Beverly, Kentucky   Summer 2008  
  • Mekong Delta, Vietnam  Summer 2009
  • Dumas, Arkansas   Spring Break 2010
  • Poland   Summer 2010
  • Cuba   Winter Break 2011
  • New Orleans, Louisiana   Winter Break 2011
  • South Africa   Summer 2011
  • Birmingham, Alabama   Summer 2011
  • India   Winter Break 2012
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   Summer 2012
  • Epworth by the Sea   Spring Break 2013
  • Alaska   Summer 2013
  • Dominican Republic   Winter Break 2014
  • Seattle, Washington   Spring Break 2014
  • Kosovo   Summer 2014