I. Enhancement of Jewish Life on Campus

  • Raise the profile of Jewish life on campus through lectures, symposia and discussions surrounding an annual theme.


    2008-2009 Emigration and Exile: The Jewish Experience in America
    2009-2010 Judaism in the South: Past, Present and Future
    2010-2011 Worldly Jews: Global Culture of Judaism

    2011-2012 B'tayavon! Food in Jewish Life

    2012-2013 Challenges to Contemporary Judaism: Maintaining Integrity and Community

    2013-2014 Practicing the Jewish Faith in America


  • Encourage student engagement with the Center through a Jewish film series, Friday night dinner and conversation, and Jewish learning events.
  • Encourage faculty engagement with the Center through curricular development and enhancement grants.
  • Foster young scholars and new trends in Jewish studies through a postdoctoral fellowship program.

II. Enhancement of Hendrix's Connection with the Local, National, and International Jewish Community

  • Encourage student engagement with the local community through a Jewish education initiative and Odyssey projects.
  • Enable student involvement in regional and national Jewish organizations through internship programs.
  • Enable student involvement in the international Jewish Community through study abroad and a travel and study program to Jewish communities worldwide.
  • Make Hendrix a center for Jewish studies in the south and among the Associated Colleges of the South through the development of a library and archives of print materials and artifacts.