Hendrix in Kerala

Hendrix-in-Kerala is not being offered in Summer 2014.  We hope to offer the program again in the near future.

A 3 week hands-on Tropical Field Botany course in Kerala, India

Hendrix-in-India will be led by Hendrix biology professor Ann Willyard.  Students will be immersed in a primarily agrarian society.  They will explore many issues including agricultural workers, the rights of people once assigned to lower castes, and religious harmony among Kerala’s Hindus, Muslims, and Christians.. Classes begin August 1 and end August 19.  Two required pre-departure modules can be completed on-line in June or July.


BIOL 108 
Tropical Field Botany (NS-L) [GA] An introduction to the native, agricultural, and medicinal plants of the Old World tropics. Classroom and field work will include identification of tropical plant families, plantation agriculture, and sustainable harvest of medicinal plants. Visits with western, Ayurvedic, and tribal medical practitioners will allow a comparison of how botanical resources are understood and used in these different medical systems.

Courses are taught in English. 


The estimated cost for 2013 is $3,200 plus airfare, but can vary depending upon number of students.  Program charges include transportation, meals and lodging in India, emergency medical insurance, visa, and field trips to places of natural and cultural interest.

Financial Aid

Federal aid may apply.  Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office. 


Lodging will be in hotels near field sites in the towns of Kottayam, Kuttikanam, Munnar, Marayoor, and Cochin. Most meals will be in local restaurants, allowing students to choose among several menu options. The cuisine is excellent, featuring rice, freshly baked flat breads, local fruits, vegetables, and spices. In addition to fresh fish and various kinds of meat, vegetarian options are readily available. Western foods (e.g. hamburgers) are not sold in these small towns. Students should expect to eat only local food. 

Academic Calendar

August 1-19, 2013. Two required pre-departure modules can be completed on-line in June or July.

Application Procedure

Applications due in the Office of International Programs, SLTC 242, by November 5, 2012.

For More Information

Dr. Ann Willyard
Biology Department
DWReynolds 316
Office Phone: (501) 450-1376
Email: willyard@hendrix.edu