An academic setting similar to Hendrix with cultural opportunities a world apart.

londonThe program is located in downtown London, one of the great cultural capitals of the world. London has a population of over seven million. All students enroll in the same four courses, three of which are taught by British faculty members and one by a Hendrix faculty member. Students live and travel together in London and Great Britain, take walking tours of the city and day trips outside London, and attend several plays as a part of the program, at no extra cost.


Each student takes the following four courses as part of the Hendrix cohort:

  • Shakespeare (LS)
  • British Art and Architecture (HP)
  • British Life and Culture (HP)
  •  Late Medieval England: Crowns and Crises, taught by the 2014 Hendrix Faculty Director Dr. Sasha Pfau


Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.


tubeEven though three of the four courses are taught by British instructors, the four courses of the London program are considered Hendrix courses, and students will register through the Hendrix system. Grades will appear on student’s transcript and DO figure into the cumulative GPA.


The cost of the London semester may vary considerably depending on the exchange rate. As of now, students should plan to spend around $4,000 more for the experience than they would normally on campus. The fee includes tuition, room, board and some excursions. Additional expenses for students include travel and “pocket money.”

Financial Aid

Normally, all financial aid applies, including Hendrix scholarships. Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office.


The British immigration and visa system is in a constant state of flux. Currently students do not need visas to study in England if for a period less than six months. However, this could change by next fall. The Office of International Programs will monitor the situation.


Students live in double- and triple-occupancy apartments in downtown London with kitchenettes and prepare their own meals or eat in restaurants. A meal stipend will be provided weekly.

Academic Calendar

mapThe Hendrix-in-London Program is available only during the fall semester. In 2014, the program will run approximately August 30 to December 4.. This includes a week off for travel in the middle of the semester.

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