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Any Mac user knows that Mac computers are well known for effectively dodging viruses even without virus protection. Why? Because most viruses are made to target PCs; however, the viral risk of Mac computers continues to increase due to their growing popularity. That being said, it is not entirely impossible for a Mac to catch a virus. Just to make sure, it cannot hurt to protect your Mac from the bad guys.

For added security, we recommend using an anti-virus software package like Sophos Free Anti-Virus for Mac OS X. The software comes fully-featured blocking all threats including viruses, Trojans and worms and removing all found threats after every scheduled scan. It’s high level security that’s free. Yes, free.

Here’s how to enhance your Mac’s overall security:

  1. Go to  to begin downloading.
  2. You will be brought to the software page. Click on the download button.
  3. The software should automatically open the installer on your desktop.
    • If not, locate the anti-virus software folder on your desktop. Open the folder and double-click on the installer.
  4. Follow the simple steps in the installation wizard.
  5. Close the installer once the installation is complete. A shield will appear in your top menu bar, indicating that Sophos is fully installed and running.

It’s that simple. At this point, Sophos will begin scanning your Mac and you’re free to roam the internet. But not too freely! Caution should still be taken while browsing the internet, always. Use your better judgment.

For more information about system requirements, how to operate Sophos Anti-Virus, FAQs, and more, visit

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