How to get your computer hooked up on or off campus


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A letter was sent to your home address prior to the fall term detailing how to get “connected” if residing in an on-campus residence hall. Included in that information is an account request form that must be returned, and a price sheet on third party costs for installing and configuring your system. This information can also be picked up at the Information Technology office. If you are a returning student and your computer was configured for the residence halls last year, those settings should still be accurate.

The following information is excerpted from the letter sent to you this summer:

If you are connecting a computer in your residence hall room to H-Net, the following steps should be followed:
  • You should fill out the Request for Residence Hall Room H-Net Connection form and return it as soon as possible. You must send in this form regardless of whether or not you were connected to H-Net last year.
  • Contact IT to set up an appointment. You must schedule a time for the technician to come to your room to perform the physical connection that is required to connect you H-Net. This is not necessary if the computer you are bringing to school was connected to H-Net last year.
  • Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to connect to the Hendrix Network.

The form for connection/services is located here.

How do I get access if I live off-campus?


In an effort to provide dial-up access to our off-campus students and our faculty and staff, we have reached an agreement with Alltel to be our primary Internet Service Provider.If you need dial-up access, you should contact Jennifer Nutt of Alltel at 501-450-0353. The cost for this service will be $17.95 per month for unlimited access. Your computer must have a dial-up modem.


If you use Internet very frequently (several hours per day) and reside in Conway, you might want to consider utilizing Conway Corporation's cable modem service. This service makes use of the Conway cable system and does not tie up your phone line. Access speeds are 7 times faster than through a modem. Your computer must have an ethernet card to be able to access this service. The cost is $39.95 per month and you must be a Conway Corporation cable subscriber. You may contact Conway Corporation at 450-6006 if you are interested.

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