How to install the Ektron Editor (Macintosh)


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The editor application for the Ektron system is an Active-X application (on Windows machines) or a Java applet (on Macintosh systems). It is necessary to update and edit an content in the Ektron system.

These instructions are for Macintosh OS X or Higher. See the Windows Instructions for installing this application on a Windows PC.

Macintosh Instructions:

  1. Open Safari to (The Macintosh Ektron editor will only work in Safari.)
  2. Click on the “Content” tab on the bottom-right corner of the Workarea, and navigate to one of your web folders.
  3. Click on the title of any of your content items in your folder to view the content, then click the “edit” button that looks like a pen over a piece of paper.
  4. You may see a window appear that says:

    This applet was signed by “Ephoxy Pty Ltd” and authenticated by “Thawte Consulting cc”. Do you trust this certificate?

    Click “Trust”.
  5. The Ephoxy editor (the Macintosh Ektron editor) will install and open for you to edit your content.
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