Creating a personal website for a student


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In order to begin the process of creating your website, you must contact the HelpDesk. Please fill out the HelpDesk Request form. Below you will find information on the specifics of the process.

Set up your website on our student web server 

Note: This is recommended for advanced users only.

A space is created for you on the website for you to post your own webpages. This space can be accessed through Windows Networking, Macintosh AppleShare, or FTP and is located in your personal network storage space. There are no design restrictions and few content guidelines. You must do all of the HTML, CSS, and scripting yourself.


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Contact the HelpDesk


Enter a HelpDesk request using our online form. Someone should contact you shortly concering your issue.

Enter a HelpDesk Request


Come by and see us at the HelpDesk in the OTC or give us a call at (501) 450-1340.