French Major and Minor Information

The major in French consists of at least nine courses above the first-year sequence, including:

French 210: Intermediate Composition and Conversation,
French 220: Aspects of French Culture,
French 230: Introduction to French Literature, and
French 310: Advanced Grammar
as well as five other upper-level French courses of the student's choosing. For students certifying to teach, it is strongly recommended that one of these be French 320, Practical Phonetics.

All students graduating from Hendrix are required to take a departmental comprehensive examination during the senior year over all work done in the major. The comprehensive exam in French includes both a written and an oral examination.

The minor in French consists of at least five advanced courses at or above the 200 level.

Students are encouraged to seek study abroad opportunities but should be advised that at least 50% of the coursework for the major or minor must be done at Hendrix.

The basic sequence courses are prerequisite for all other courses in French. However, if a student has taken two or more years of French in high school, he or she may be eligible to skip some or all of the first-year sequence. Depending on the level into which a student is placed, he or she will receive credit for the courses skipped following successful completion of the next highest course. Placement into higher level courses is based on an evaluation of the incoming student's high school record and placement exam scores. A recommendation for placement will be included in the folder given to the student's faculty advisor.

FRENCH 110: (First-year French, Part I) This course is designed for students with no prior experience in the French language. It is a course in the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French, with an emphasis on oral expression and an introduction to French culture.

FRENCH 120: (First-year French, Part II) This course continues the development of basic skills, cultural awareness, and oral proficiency at the first-year level.

FRENCH 210 INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION AND CONVERSATION: This course continues the development of skills acquired in the first-year sequence. Assignments include oral exposes and weekly compositions with emphasis on idioms, grammar, and syntax in both written and spoken French. The prerequisite is French 120 or consent of the instructor.

*NOTE: FRENCH 210 is the prerequisite to any of the courses listed below.

FRENCH 220 ASPECTS OF FRENCH CULTURE: This course is an analysis of diverse phenomena contributing to the development of contemporary French culture. It includes an historical survey as well as a study of regions of France and francophone countries.

FRENCH 230 INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH LITERATURE: This course is designed to acquaint students with methods of reading and criticism in preparation for more advanced literary study. Selected readings will be analyzed with particular emphasis on the technique of explication de texte.

FRENCH 310 ADVANCED GRAMMAR: This course is a study of advanced grammar and syntax to help students arrive at more effective written and oral expression. Regular compositions on assigned topics and scheduled oral presentations are included.

FRENCH 320 PRACTICAL PHONETICS: This course is a systematic review of French pronunciation involving the study of phonetics through oral exercises, texts in poetry and prose, and the use of the language laboratory. It is recommended for majors in French, especially for those preparing to teach.

FRENCH 330 SURVEY OF FRENCH LITERATURE I: This course is an overview of French literature from its beginnings through the eighteenth century.

FRENCH 331 SURVEY OF FRENCH LITERATURE II: This course is an overview of French literature from the nineteenth century to the present.

FRENCH 410 MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE LITERATURE: This course deals primarily with the epic, medieval romance, and humanist writings. Readings include the Chanson de Roland, Tristan et Iseut, and the poetry of Ronsard.

FRENCH 420 GOLDEN AGE OF FRENCH DRAMA: This course is a comprehensive study of the Classical period of French literature, concentrating on the works of Corneille, Racine, and Molière.

FRENCH 440 ROMANTICISM TO SYMBOLISM: This course is an overview of the major works of the nineteenth century, including both poetry and prose. Hugo, Flaubert, and Baudelaire are among the authors studied.

FRENCH 450 CONTEMPORARY FRENCH LITERATURE: This course presents significant works and movements of the twentieth century, with emphasis on the novel. Authors studied include Alain-Fournier, Proust, Camus, Sartre, and Duras.

FRENCH 460 SEMINAR: This course explores an author, movement, or genre in depth. Topics may be selected from among the following: Women Writers of French, The French Short Story,The Critical Spirit in France, Myth and Legend in French Literature.