Campus Resources for Diversity


Here are some offices that offer a wide variety of services relevant to diversity here at Hendrix:


C.O.G.S - the Coaltion on Gender and Sexuality is dedicated to facilitating conversations and initiatives about gender and sexuality in the Hendrix community.
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The Diversity Concerns Committee has also put together a list of courses that prominently deal with issues related to diversity and social justice that might be of interest to students:


  • ANTH 100:  Intro to Cultural Anthropology; Instructors:  Anne Goldberg, Sarah Lee
  •  ANTH 230:  Culture of U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  •  ANTH 235:  People, Cultures of Latin America; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  •  ANTH 240:  Applying Anthropology; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  • ANTH 250:  Visual Anthropology; Instructor: Anne Goldberg 
  • ANTH 310:  Anthropology and Education; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  • ANTH 327:  Human Rights/Social Justice/Latin America; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  •   ANTH 360:  Globalization and Transnationalism; Instructor:  Anne Goldberg 
  •   ANTH 390:  Social Inequality and Identity; Instructor;  Anne Goldberg 
  • EDUC 315:  Social Issues in Education; Instructor:  Dionne Jackson
  • ENGL 248:  Holocaust in Literature, Theory & Film; Instructor:  Dorian Stuber 
  • GEND 268/PHIL 267:  Introduction to Gender Studies; Instructors:  Rebecca Resinski, Chris Campolo 
  • HIST 110, 110:  American History; Instructor:  Jeff Kosiorek 
  • HIST 334:  Comparitive Genocides; Instructor:  Todd Berryman 
  • LBST 115:  The American Way of Life; Instructor:  Jo Ann Stevens 
  •   PHIL 210:  Ethics in the Face of Poverty; Instructor;  Peg Falls-Corbitt 
  • PHIL 215:  Ethics and Society; Instructor:  Chris Campolo 
  • PHIL 250: Philosophies of India; Instructor: Lawrence Schmidt
  • PHIL 260: Philosophies of China and Japan; Instructor: Lawrence Schmidt
  • PHIL 310: Feminist Thought; Instructor: Chris Campolo 
  • PHIL 315: Ethics and Relations to Friend, Kin, and Community; Instructor: Peg Falls-Corbitt 
  • PHIL 330: Ethical Theory; Instructor: Aaron Simmons 
  • PHIL 360: Social and Political Philosophy; Instructor: Aaron Simmons 
  • POLI 300: Feminist Political Thought; Instructor: Kim Maslin-Wicks
  • POLI 365:  Cultural and Political Ecology; Instructor: Jacques Pollini 
  •   POLI 380:  Gender, Sexuality & American Politics;  Instructor:  Jay Barth 
  •   POLI 390:  Race and American Politics; Instructor:  Carmen Hardin 
  • PSYC 230: Social Psychology; Instructor: Leslie Zorwick 
  • PSYC 285:  Cross-Cultural Psychology; Instructor: Bob Hessling 
  • PSYC 352: Social Cognition; Instructor: Leslie Zorwick 
  • PSYC 367: Psychology and Law; Instructor: Leslie Zorwick 
  • RELI 111:  Asian Religions:  An Introduction; Instructor: Bill Gorvine 
  •   RELI 223:  An Introduction to Hinduism; Instructor:  Bill Gorvine 
  • RELI 225:  An Introduction to Buddhism; Instructor: Bill Gorvine 
  • RELI 330:  Religion, Gender and Sexuality; Instructor: Jane Harris
  •   RELI 334:  Buddhist Saints; Instructor:  Bill Gorvine 
  • RELI 335:  Shamans, Scholars, Indigenous Religions; Instructor:  Bill Gorvine 
  • RELI 338:  Tibetan Buddhist Culture; Instructor: Bill Gorvine 
  • SOCI 250: Gender & Family; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  • SOCI 255: Gender in Film & Television; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  • SOCI 270: Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  •   SOCI 300:  The Urban Community; Instructor: Stella Capek 
  • SOCI 310: Gender and Sexuality; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  • SOCI 320: Peace & War; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  •   SOCI 340:  Food, Culture and Nature; Instructor: Stella Capek 
  • SOCI 360: Social Change/Social Movements; Instructors: Stella Capek, Lisa Leitz 
  •   SOCI 375:  Environmental Sociology; Instructor: Stella Capek 
  •   SOCI 380:  Medicine and Culture; Instructor: Stella Capek 
  • SOCI 390: Social Inequality and Identity; Instructor: Lisa Leitz 
  • SPAN 474:  Indigenous Representations in Latin America; Instructor; Lilian Contreras-Silva 
  • SPAN 475:  Politics, Human Rights & Vocations in Latin American Literature; Instructor: Lilian Contreras-Silva 


We Need Your Help!

Attention Hendrix Students: The Diversity Concerns Committee wants to know about all of the exciting things that you are doing in your research, Odyssey projects, volunteer work, etc., that help to encourage diversity and support the cause of social justice.  Please contact Dr. Carol West - - so that we can feature your activities on the Diversity website.  Thanks!!!