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This workshop was held in October 2012.  The following content provides resources from this workshop and ways to provide feedback/suggestions for continuing the conversation on gender & sexuality issues at ACS campuses.

Workshop Details:

Guest Speaker: Dr. Genny Beemyn is the director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a board member and campus consultant for the Transgender Law and Policy Institute.  A transgender individual hirself, ze is one of the country's leading experts on the experiences of transgender people and the development of transgender-inclusive policies and practices.  Dr. Beemyn has published and spoken extensively on the needs of transgender students and how colleges can address those needs.  Ze holds Master's degrees in American Studies, Africa American Studies, and Higher Education and a Ph.D. in African American Studies.

Where: Hendrix College, Conway, AR.  Campbell Dining Room, Student Life & Technology Center

Why: 1) To build collegiality across our campuses and the faculty/staff divide,
         2) Showcase exemplary programs in the ACS in order for the other schools to consider how to bring those successes home,
         3) Educate participants in transgender campus issues, and
         4) Provide ample space to construct creative action plans for tackling persistent problems in the areas of gender and sexuality education.

ACS Inclusive Campus Grant Group, 2012

Lisa Leitz, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Anthropology, Hendrix College
Kelly Weeks, Associate Professor of Business, Centenary College
Timothy B. Smith, Associate Professor of Art & Art History, Birmingham Southern College
Glyn Hughes, Director of Common Ground and faculty member, University of Richmond
Paul Achter, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, University of Richmond
Margaret McLaren, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Philosophy, Rollins College
Leslie Petty, Associate Professor of English, Rhodes College
Terri Johnson, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs, Southwestern University
Erica K. Brown, Director of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) at Birmingham-Southern College
Tonya Hale, Director of Student Activities, Hendrix College

Resources from the 2012 ACS Workshop

Dr. Genny Beemyn's presentation

Promising Practices for Inclusion of Gender Identity/Gender Expression in Higher Education (from Penn State)

Trans Quiz from Dr. Genny Beemyn

Trans Terms

Non-trans privilege data sheet

University of Arizona Bathroom Policy

UC Riverside Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Hendrix College Proposal for Gender & Sexuality Center

Online Resources

Colleges that have a trans-inclusive non-discrimination policy:

National Student Genderblind Campaign

Colleges with gender-inclusive housing:

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Best Practices/Sample Programs from Schools across the ACS

Coming Soon!

Is your campus working through specific issues relating to gender and sexuality?  Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for additional resources. You can contact this page's web master at

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