The Statement of Purpose

Hendrix College, a private, undergraduate institution of the liberal arts related to the United Methodist Church, offers distinguished academic programs in a residential, coeducational setting. As a collegiate community, Hendrix is dedicated to the cultivation of whole persons through the transmission of knowledge, the refinement of intellect, the development of character, and the encouragement of a concern for worthy values. In these ways Hendrix prepares its graduates for lives of service and fulfillment in their communities and the world.

Toward the accomplishment of this purpose, the college offers curricular and co-curricular programs affording students the opportunity

  • to investigate and appreciate the richly diverse cultural, intellectual, and linguistic traditions shaping the contemporary world;
  • to examine critically and understand the intellectual traditions woven into the history of Western thought;
  • to develop skill and effectiveness in the use of language, the analysis of information, and the communication of knowledge;
  • to explore and connect the content and methods of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences;
  • to participate in depth in a specific field of study, acquiring a body of knowledge appropriate to that discipline, putting to use its methods for the discovery of new knowledge, appreciating its historical development, and grasping its implications for the broader culture.

Hendrix thereby intends to cultivate among students:

  • enduring intellectual curiosity and love of knowledge;
  • aesthetic sensibilities and delight in beauty;
  • powers of ethical deliberation and empathy for others;
  • discernment of the social, spiritual, and ecological needs of our time;
  • a sense of responsibility for leadership and service in response to those needs;
  • and recreational dispositions complementing a full flourishing of the human potential.