2013-2014 Charities

Make A Child Smile

Make a Child Smile's goal is to help teens and pre-teens by providing clothing, hygiene products and school supplies enabling them to retain confidence and self-esteem. Their projects include a shoe program that will provide over 200 students with new shoes, ass well as two bigger programs providing around 400 kids with clean undergarments and hygiene products.  

Website: http://makeachildsmile.net

Women's Shelter of Central Arkansas 

Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas is a shelter for domestic violence and sexual assault victims in Faulkner County, services including emergency shelter, victim advocacy, transportation, counseling, etc. Some of their project requests include funding for a counseling and support group for victimized children and the children of victims, as well as funding to pay attorney fees in order to provide legal services to victims.   

Website: http://www.conwaywomensshelter.com

Mission 5000

Mission 5000 is a ministry serving two meals each week, but also providing up to three to go meals per adult for those who cannot attend the meals or for people who cannot afford meals for the other three weekdays. They serve about 350 meals a week and reach 250 families each month. 

Single Parent Scholarship Fund 

Nearly one in five Arkansas families are led by single parents, of which 79% are single mothers. An estimated 44% of single-parent families are officially below the poverty line (2009-2011 American Community Survey). We believe single-parent families that are led by skilled and educated mothers and fathers have a much greater opportunity to achieve self sufficiency and a better quality of life, generation after generation. A skilled workforce also helps the economic condition of our communities and boosts our state's ability to compete in the global market. 

Website: http://www.aspsf.org/county_faulkner.html

Blackbird Academy of the Arts, Inc. 

BlackBird Academy of the Arts works to provide quality arts education to the Central Arkansas area through classes and workshops in pre-professional dance, music, creative writing, visual arts, theatre, sewing, and filmmaking. Serving approximately 350 students, and dozens of local adults in master classes. 

Website: http://www.blackbirdacademy.org

ArkanPaws Animal Rescue

Arkanpaws Animal Rescue is a volunteer run rescue that helps homeless animals by rescuing, vetting, fostering and rehabilitating the animals before finding them loving homes. However, the animals are becoming overcrowded and the funding from Campus Kitty would help provide better and more secure kennels space.

Website: http://ArkanPaws.org

Soul Food Cafe Mission

Soul Food Cafe Mission is to provide a place where people of our community or those passing through our community to receive, without hassle or precondition, free hot meals, food boxes and/or clothing without prejudice or regard to race, creed or religion). Second, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative way to those who will hear, but is not forced on anyone in order to receive any help from the Mission. Third, to provide an opportunity for churches and people of faith in Jesus Christ from our community to help in distributing, feeding, clothing or ministering to those coming to the Mission for assistance. Fourth, to maintain the Mission grounds as denominationally neutral, so that all people of faith in Jesus Christ can work together for the Kingdom of God.

Website: http://www.soulfoodcafemission.org

Conway Cradle Care

Conway Cradle Care assists teen parents who were forced to drop out of school due to lack of support for their situation and/or lack of money for childcare, trying to help teens that become pregnant or have a child complete their education by supporting their academic and emotional needs as well as the developmental needs of their children.

Website: http://www.cradlecare.org

Volunteer Council - Conway Human Development Center

Volunteer Council - Conway Human Development Center helps meet the special, long-term needs of individuals at CHDC.  The primary mission of the Council is to provide resources for residents' needs, with the goal of improving the quality of life for all residents at the center. Funding would provide furnishings to the new triplex parent house used for re-establishing struggling families, getting them back on their feet again.

Website: http://www.chdconline.com

Shepherd's Hope Neighborhood Health Center

Shepherd’s Hope Neighborhood Health Center is a medical, dental and health education ministry serving Little Rock residents with goals of providing routine healthcare, acute dental care, vision care and counseling to uninsured residents without access to affordable healthcare. Their projects include funding for a necessary non-generic blood pressure medication that is not on the discount list, funding for their eye clinic that will provide 400 free eye exams and 400 free pairs of glasses, and funding for a computer so that they can schedule and track patients as well as digitally upload all patient medical files. 

Website: http://shepherdshopelr.org

Safe Place

The Safe Place provides immediate safe shelter plus services for victims of domestic violence and their children, thereby saving lives, also educating both the victims and society about domestic violence and abuse, empowering the victims and their children to desire and achieve living violence free, thus breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Website: http://www.safeplaceslr.org