Emily Depre

Emily Depre,  Admission Counselor, graduated cum laude Emily Deprefrom Hendrix with a degree in Studio Art and a minor in Art History in 2013. A northerner at heart, she hails from Oak Lawn, IL which is a quick train ride away from Downtown Chicago.   At a young age, her mother instilled a love of reading by taking her weekly to the town library. Thanks to her father, she is a long time sci-fi geek-loving fan of Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and anything Joss Weldon has ever created.   Emily admits to being a coffee addict and is weirdly proud that both the ladies at the coffee shop on campus and the local Starbucks know her personally.     

As a student you could find Emily singing loudly in the art studios while working on woodcut prints and giant paintings that were always taller than her. Often, her friends would show up with coffee and tea in an attempt to lure her out of the studios to join civilization again.  Some of her favorite times at Hendrix have been the long night study sessions with her close friends in various nooks around campus and the shenanigans that resulted as the night turned into the early morning.  Emily is grateful for the Odyssey program which has helped fill her lifelong wanderlust; she wasn’t the kid who hung up pop star pictures but instead had torn out pictures and maps from National Geographic on her walls.  Through Odyssey, Emily has been to many new towns & cities and to Italy to study and present on various topics such as art, literature & history.  Her parents’ fridge is now an ode to her travels featuring many postcards.  

When not gallivanting around her territory, she can be found dancing in her apartment with the music turned all the way up, reading like a fiend, making up her own recipes and disregarding exact measurements, taking long drives in the countryside and continuing her studies in painting, printmaking, design, history & writing.   

Paul Klee once described an artist as being like a tree, drawing the minerals of experience from its roots - things observed, read, told and felt - and slowly processing them into new leaves.

Contact Emily at depre@hendrix.edu.