Brett Carr

Brett CarrBrett Carr, Assistant Director of Admission, graduated with distinction from Hendrix in 2010 with a degree in theatre and a minor in politics. While at Hendrix, Brett was a four-year member and two-year captain of the swimming and diving team. He also received the Arkansas Division III Male Swimmer of the Year four times, Academic All-American all four years of competition, and was selected to the SCAC All- Sportsmanship Team his senior year. In 2009, Brett set the mark for the 200-yard breaststroke, breaking a record that stood at Hendrix for 30 years. 

In college, Brett was also an active member of Residence Life and spent enough time in the theatre to be able to walk it in his sleep. Many of his experiences at Hendrix influenced an award-winning comedic farce entitled The Adventures of Ordinary Man, or Something Completely Different.

Brett currently lives in Conway and continues his love of reading, writing, swimming, and mastering the elusive art of couch potatoeing. Among his roommates are Lady Filibuster, Telly Savalas, Oliver V, and Madam Phoenix Newlife - all members of the Kingdom Plantae.  His latest roomie, Lord Peter Paddington of Ingelise, planted himself in the Carr household after his brother, Sir Patrick Paddington, battled nobly against a summer wilt before reaching his final withering a few months later.  Though Sir Patrick is missed dearly, his likeness is found in Lord Peter who grew to power with the same endearing qualities of his Hedera helix brethren. 

“We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness.” – Tom Waits 

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