Recent Interdisciplinary Studies majors

In Progress
The Art of the Codex 
Asian Studies 
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 
Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Visual Media
Gender Studies and Social Justice
History and Anthropology 
International Business 
Mathematical Economics
Music Business & Arts Management
Natural Science Entrepreneurship 
Philosophy of Cognitive Science 
Religion, Globalization, and Culture
Social Justice
Theater and Communications 

Applied Mathematics 
Art History and Business
Educational Psychology (2) 
Intercultural Marketing 
Latin American and Luso-Brazilian Studies
Neuroscience (2)
Public Health 
Social Development 
Social Justice 
Urban Studies 

Art History and Spanish 
Cross-Cultural Leadership 
Documentary Photography
Environmental Health  
International Journalism 
Latin American Studies 
Middle Eastern Studies 
Music Business/ Arts Management
Organizational Leadership 
Political Theory
Public Policy/ Political Economy 
Sport and Exercise Physiology 
Sustainable Communities 
Sustainable Development and Design 

Art History & Philosophy
China Studies
Classics & The Art of Writing
Comparative Literature & Area Studies
Creative Writing
English Literature & Creative Writing
Film Studies
Global Studies
International Development Studies
International Economic Development & Management
International Economic Policy
Lyric Expression in American Culture
Mathematical Physics
Social Justice

African Studies
Comparative Public Policy
Health Sciences
Political Economy
Social Justice
Women in Global Culture

Christianity & Classics
European Studies
Historical Film
Political Economy
Social Justice
A Study of Ancient Greek & Roman Art History

2006-2007 Business and Communication
Environmental Studies
Leadership in Global Business
Physical Therapy (3)
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Race Relations
Social Justice

2005-2006 Behavioral and Movement Science
English Literature and its Classical Roots
Health Sciences
International Medicine
Mind, Body, and Motion (2)
Pre-physical Therapy & Movement Science
Public Relations

2004-2005 Biomedical Ethics
Community Organization and Development
International Medicine
Science and the Ethics of Service

2003-2004 American Studies (2)
Biochemistry and Ethics
Classical Dramaturgy
Classics (2)
Health Sciences
History and Anthropology
Integrative Health

2002-2003 African-American Studies
Educational Policy
Environmental Sciences
Gender Studies
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Physics and Philosophy

2001-2002 African Studies
Art History
Environment and Policy
Environmental Studies (2)
Film Studies
Health Care:  Ethics and Policy
Holistic Health
Music Business
Non-profit Leadership in the U.S.
Non-profit Organization Studies
Russian Studies
Social Justice Theory and Application
Sustainability, Culture, and Environment

2000-2001 Communications (2)
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies & Education of the Humanities
History of Medicine
Holistic Health
Sustainability and Global Awareness

1999-2000 African Studies and Anthropology
Ecology and Society
Environmental Studies
Gender Studies (2)
Non-profit Leadership
Psychology and Liberal Arts
Public Relations

1998-1999 American Studies/Southern Culture
Environmental Studies
Molecular Biology

Environmental Ethics & Public Affairs
Gender Studies from a Cross-cultural Perspective
Global Economics
International Relations
Visual Arts & Computer Graphics

1996-1997 American Studies
International Relations
International Studies

Biological Anthropology
Biomedical Studies
International Business
Peace and Conflict Studies
Philosophy and Biopsychology
U.S. History and Religion

1994-1995 Economics and Political Science
Sociology of Art