AV Support Request

To request A/V support, for any kind of event you may be planning on campus:
please copy/paste the form below into the body of an e-mail to mediacenter@hendrix.edu 

Student organizations planning outside events such as a dance, party, coffeehouse, performance or shindig should copy/paste the form below into the body of an e-mail to SOMEC@hendrix.edu     Late requests for events requiring SOMEC support may be required to pay late fees.

If you are uncertain which group to e-mail, don't hesitate, just take your pick and e-mail one and we'll get it sorted out, no problem.  If you are hosting a professional guest performer, please attach the Technical Rider portion of the contract to this e-mail.  E-mail us as soon as you reserve the space on the Master Calendar or before you make advertising fliers.

Event Title: 
Sponsoring Org: 
Your Name:
Your Phone #: 
Start Time: 
End Time: 
Early Set Up Time: (only if AV support needs to be ready more than 30 minutes before event start time.) 
Request: (Please describe your event, including what is being presented and the orientation of your audience.) 
Special Requests: (Anything unusual about your event, including an elaborate set up, a non-traditional location, enhanced audience interaction, etc.) 

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