Setting Up the Speakerphone


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To set up the speakerphone, begin by getting the speakerphone box from the Media Services storage closet. Before leaving the OTC you should verify that the following items are in the box:

Power brick

Power cord (connects to power brick)

Phone cable

Mics attached to speakerphone

You should also grab an extension cord and gaff tape from Bobby's office to ensure that the speakerphone can be set up anywhere in the room.

When you arrive at the location, connect the power cord to the power brick. Then, place the speakerphone in the area that will pick up the conversation in the best manner. For example, if only half of the room will be speaking, place the phone in the center of that side of the room. Place the mics so that they pick up the optimum amount of sound. Run the power and phone cables to the nearest outlet, using the extension cord if necessary. To test the speakerphone, place a call, and verify that the speaker can hear you clearly and vice versa. When a successful call has been placed, use the gaff tape to secure the cables to the floor in a manner that will be unobtrusive to those participating in the event. Explain to the event coordinator how to place a call, and inform them that they can call the Media Center if there are any complications 

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