Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application

To reserve a position in the freshman class, students must submit the following Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application along with a nonrefundable $350 enrollment deposit by May 1, 2014. The date this form and the $350 enrollment deposit are received determines the order in which rooms are assigned. If you choose to place higher priority on your roommate request, please know that rooms will be assigned according to the date the second roommate deposits. Housing assignments will be mailed by mid-July.

Please contact the Office of Admission if you'd like to request a paper copy of the Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application or a printable copy in PDF format. Click here to access additional forms for admitted students.

Attention International Students: Please contact Michael Licatino, Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of International Recruitment, if you have any difficulty submitting your $350 Enrollment Agreement by credit card. The enrollment fee can also be paid by direct wire transfer and Michael will provide you with the necessary information for the wire transfer. 

Step 1: Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application

Personal Information

Please enter the following information about yourself.

Date of Birth (00/00/00): 



We consider residence hall living to be an integral part of the college experience for students. Community living offers students increased opportunity for involvement in educational and recreational programming, interpersonal and group development, and leadership. Hendrix is a residential college; therefore, students are required to live in Hendrix-owned facilities.

When assigning me to a room, please give priority to:


Residence Hall Preference

Please choose a residence hall for each of the choices below based on your gender. Transfer students may also choose residence halls from the "Transfers Only" column. Residence hall information can be found on the Residence Life website.

  Men Women Transfers Only
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:

Roommate Request

If you wish to request a specific roommate, please enter their information below. Please note that this person must also request you in order for you to be assigned as roommates.




OR any of my  teammates. 

Each year we welcome a small group of international students to study at Hendrix. Living with a student from a different culture can be a wonderful opportunity for our American students. Would you like a roommate from a different country?*


*Though we try to accommodate all requests, please note that we cannot guarantee that you will or will not have an international roommate.

Roommate Preferences

Please answer appropriately. Answers are used to match roommates.

I'm an early morning person.


I'm a late night person.


I'll use my room as a place to study.


I don't mind guests in the room.


I must have a tidy room.


I smoke, or I can live with a smoker. (Note: Smoking is prohibited in all campus housing.)


My class level will be:

Activities I might be interested in:


Other activities I might be interested in:

Please list any special housing needs (chronic medical,  physical disability, or special needs) that you may have. A member of the Office of Residence Life may contact you for further explanation or documentation.